Supplementary Material

Castillo-Davis, C.I. and D.L. Hartl 2003. Bioinformatics 19(7):891-892


C.I.C-D would like to thank Peter Bouman, Mark Smith, Jeff Townsend, Alex Platt, and Yun Tao for statistical discussion; David Emmert, Han Xie, Midori Harris, Aubrey de Grey, Xin Lu, Paul Grosu, and Chris Dagdigian for providing files and technical help; Jose Ranz for beta-testing early versions of the program, Dan Neafsey for reading the manuscript, and Jun Liu, Erin Conlon, X. Shirely Liu, Laura Garwin, Debbie Marks, and Andrew Murray for support and encouragement. Special thanks to Josh Cherry for help in software optimization.

Acknowledgments (2015)

Thanks to Carl Kingsford for providing python code to retrieve GO ancestor terms, Harlan King for providing a bash script to process GO species annotations, Sarah R. Moore for help updating GeneMerge citations, and Chen Cao for beta-testing an earlier version of the program. Thanks to an anonymous reviewer for suggesting the addition of FDR threshold P-values and Earlene Von Der Osten for use of her Windows laptop for testing.