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GeneMerge runs on any computer that has PERL installed. Perl comes with OS X, Linux, Unix, and can be easily installed on Windows. No external libraries or other software is needed. Since GeneMerge is a single self-contained program with no dependencies it is easy to install and incorporate into other software.


GeneMerge is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.


Note: These packages include updated (January 2015) Gene Ontology and chromosome location files as well as other gene-association files.

Unix / Linux




Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8  Note: you must have PERL installed first. Active Perl has been tested and is recommended.

Please see the documentation for details on GeneMerge's statistical methods and for tips on running the software.

Other Implementations of GeneMerge

(Version 1.2 only)

Below are implementations of GeneMerge v1.2 by others. They are provided here for your convenience only. I cannot help with support. Please see the authors' original documentation for details and questions related to installation and usage.

Note: These implementations of GM do not include gene-association files. So be sure to download these separately:


R - Bioconductor Package

GeneMerge v1.2 has been implemented in R in the Bioconductor package GenArise.

To install GeneMerge in R, start R and enter:

Please consult the authors' documentation for usage information:

genArise: Microarray Analysis tool. R package version 1.40.0. Ana Patricia Gomez Mayen, Gustavo Corral Guille, Lina Riego Ruiz, and Gerardo Coello Coutino.

Perl module -

A Perl module based on GeneMerge v1.2 was created for use by the Database of Orthologous Promoters (Barta et al. 2005. Nucleic Acids Research) : Bio::DOOP::Util::Run::GeneMerge.

You can download the full package at: Bio-DOOP-DOOP-1.04.

Older Versions of GeneMerge

Version 1.2


Note: this package contains old (2003) gene-association files. You can download updated files above.

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